Second Week of Summer Camp!

The first week of summer camp blew by, and what a fun week it was! The kids explored science, history, math, literacy, and drama through activities such as walking the solar system in the park (a scaled down model, of course!), story time, free-writing, Bug Bingo, looking at fossils, understanding relativity with blankets and balls, making and solving patterns, looking at cells under microscopes, and much more! The kids also had a lot of fun playing both in Play Loft with the trampolines, jungle gyms, moon-sand, and climbing wall, as well as many outdoor games in the park.

With what a success last week was, we are eagerly looking forward to the rest of this week. We have the Lego robotics up and running, and the kids really seem to be enjoying it. We have even more activities planned, as well as a few favourites from last week. The kids (and the teachers!) will really love it!

Ready for week two!