First Week of Summer Camp!

After lots of hard work getting ready, it’s almost time for the summer camp to start! It is really quite exciting to see all the visiting parents (and especially the kids!) showing interest in the space and facilities. Often, it will take forever to convince the kids to leave, as they are engrossed in whatever activity they are doing. Whether it is playing the piano, playing with the sand table, jumping on the trampolines, or playing air hockey and foosball, they just don’t want to go! Both the kids and the staff are excited for the next week to begin. The staff all have various science, math, history, and art activities planned (designed for extra fun!), as well as good old play time. Because that is how we approach education here PlayLoft; whether it is pretending to be Vikings,  going to the park and making a scaled down version of the solar system, or playing games to learn about the food chain, we believe that kids should learn about the world around them through guided play and creativity.

We are all looking forward to meeting the kids we’re going to be teaching and taking care of for part of the summer, and watching them grow and learn through play. It is great to be a part of this process; what better way is there to spend a summer?

Excited for Monday!